Guatemala Overfly Permits, Schedule & Non-Schedule Airlines Block Overflight Permit

We are global flight support service provider specializing to provide services to International Trip Planning, Over Flight Permits, Landing Permits, Military Clearance, Technical Landing Permits, Commercial or Traffic Rights Permits, Global Ground Handling Arrangements, Fuel Arrangements, Flight Catering Arrangements, Weather & Notams, Crew Hotel Accommodation and any other services requested by operator/Crew. Our proficient flight support team offering complete aviation support services to any International & Domestic Airports in Guatemala along with their expertise, our support team can arrange Guatemala Overflight Permits for Ad-hoc Charter Flights, Scheduled Airline Seasonal Block Permits from Civil Aviation Authority of Guatemala according to their legal time frame.

Permit Issuing Authority      :   Guatemala Civil Aviation Authority, Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics Aeropuerto Internacinal La Aurora Zone 13 01013 Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Send Permits Request        :   Email  |  SITA : SHJFTXH  |  AFTN : KANPAOKF

Our Services

  • Overfly Permits " Adhoc " [ Non-Schedule Passenger Charter Flights ]

  • Overfly Permits " Adhoc " [ Non-Schedule Cargo Charter Flights ]

  • Overfly Permits " Monthly and Seasonal " [ Scheduled Commercial Airlines Flights ]

Flight permits are permits or permission required by an aircraft to overfly, land or make a technical stop in any country's airspace. All countries have their own regulations regarding the issuance of flight permits as there is generally a payment involved. The charges normally payable would be the Route Navigation Facility Charges or RNFC for overflights and also landing and parking charges in case of aircraft making halts. The procedure for issuance of these permits also varies from country to country. For more details regarding the above mention country requirement please write us on "" for more information...

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